NHS Grampian is committed to the implementation of a single, multi-disciplinary, electronic record in order to provide a more effective and efficient service for patients admitted to their hospitals.

Person-centred Records is a collaboration between the DHI and NHS Grampian; together, we embarked on a year-long programme of work, employing design innovation methodologies, to ensure that the recommended records solution will be achieved with the person at the centre.

We worked with hospital staff across multiple disciplines to prototype new collaborative vision for electronic record-keeping that will follow the patient on their journey from admission to discharge.

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Person-centred Records


Person-centred Records builds on the DHI’s work with NHS Scotland and the Open Innovation Programme in 2017. The Nursing Records project resulted in a streamlined one-page nursing record that has since been implemented in NHS Grampian. Nurses have told us that this has saved time and supported them to focus on the patient. DHI built on this experience, working with staff across NHS Grampian to undertake a series of interviews, focus groups, co-design workshops, prototyping, and simulation, to explore preferable futures for multi-disciplinary record-keeping practices and systems.

Film credit: Louise Mather

Impact and Value

NHS Grampian are progressing implementation of the recommendations arising from the PCR project. In addition, working groups have been established within NHS Grampian to further develop recommendations in four key areas:

  • Leadership and Support;

  • Common Language and Structure;

  • Governance and Best Practice;

  • Purposeful Recording.

This is a key piece of work to get Grampian to where it needs to be in terms of innovation and person-centredness. It’s not just about the record, it’s about the culture that we’re trying to create: that we’re all in this together.

Caroline Hiscox

Chief Executive, NHS Grampian

Our Approach

The Design Team led a series of interviews, pop-up engagement, and collaborative workshops, reviewing our planned activities on an ongoing basis. This reflective and adaptive approach allowed us to respond to the emerging insights through the course of the project and respond to these.

Our process included production of a manifesto for electronic records, common data analysis, and role-play using a prototype digital solution in a hospital test ward.

Read the resulting insights and recommendations in our report included in the PCR Resources section below, and hear from our project participants by clicking the Digital Showcase link.

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