We want to address the shortage of people with digital skills in the Moray area. We are working on a program to provide more education and training for people in the digital health and care workforce. We will also be telling young people, parents, carers, and people who want to change careers about the job opportunities in digital health and care.

The key workstreams we are focussing on include:

  • Curriculum development research
  • Workforce development in health and care, relating to both the upskilling and reskilling of the current workforce (including teaching staff who are responsible for educating the future workforce and preparing them for work)
  • Technical skills promotion, supporting the creation of a pipeline of talent for local digital health and care business
  • Supporting the simulation work and activities relating to the RCE Living Labs

We are working with local stakeholders and want to collaborate with health and social care partners in academia, industry, and public and third sectors to develop skills and workforce development in the area.

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