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Sanna Rimpiläinen


1st March 2022


New webinar series on Innovation in Rural Digital Health & Care

DHI and KAMK organise the first in a series of interactive webinars on Innovation in rural digital health and care.

The rural Kainuu Region in the north of Finland is roughly the size of Belgium, with a population comparable to that of Paisley (~70K).

The use of remote, digital solutions is an integral part of the jointly delivered local health and care services in the region. The Scottish Moray Region, where the DHI is setting up a new Centre of Excellence in Rural Digital Health & Care as part of the Moray Growth Deal, shares many similarities with Kainuu in terms of geography, demography and economic development.

On the 15th of February, the DHI and the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) organised the first interactive webinar in the series of Innovation in Rural Digital Health & Care.

The webinar marks the start of DHI’s work in setting up the Centre of Excellence in Rural Digital Health & Care in the Moray Region, as part of the multi-million-pound Moray Growth Deal, and it formed part of KAMK’s International Winter School.

KAMK is a local powerhouse of learning and innovation in Kainuu. The lecturers from KAMK presented on the jointly delivered health and social care services in Finland and in the Kainuu region; the outcomes of the TECNOS project, which has been developing technology-enabled remote rehabilitation services for the rural regions in Kainuu; on digital solutions for mental health in Finland and in Kainuu; as well as on the implications that the digitally delivered services have for the competency and skills requirements for both citizens using the services and the professionals delivering them.

The webinar attracted over 100 participants from Scotland, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium and other countries, representing academia, health and care sectors as well policy.

The next webinar in the series, to be led by the Scottish party, is being planned for September or October.

Watch the webinar

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