Mental health is a complex, dynamic challenge. To support resilience and wellbeing in our communities it is evident from our research this requires a joined-up approach and shared vision.

The Scottish Government commissioned the DHI to conduct research into the current landscape to identify key themes for future focus and to support the establishment of a national Mental Health Collaborative.

Community Mental Health and Wellbeing

Impact & Value

  • An understanding of the current landscape has been established;

  • Four key themes have been identified to enable gold standard community mental health and wellbeing.

Challenges with mental health have touched every life in Scotland: from a young person struggling in school, or a colleague absent from work, to an elderly relative living with dementia. We have all seen, and often personally felt and experienced, the impact of mental health problem. Our guiding ambition for mental health is simple but, if realised, will change and save lives -that we must prevent and treat mental health problems with the same commitment, passion and drive as we do with physical health problems.

Scottish Government

Mental Health Strategy: 2017-2027

To get a complete picture of the landscape the DHI Insights Team engaged in interviews, workshops and group discussions with a range of stakeholders from healthcare, community and third sector services.

The following themes emerged from extensive stakeholder engagement as key needs to be accounted for to enable gold standard community mental health and wellbeing:

  • Whole System Approach;
  • Shared Responsibility;
  • Community Empowerment;
  • Shared Vision and Leadership.

Next steps

Mental Health is a key priority for the Scottish Government and the DHI have endorsed this as a key focus of our work. This project lays a foundation for further engagement in this domain and to further scope key priorities and digital opportunities.


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