In 2019, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) commissioned the DHI Insights Team to support the co-design of innovations and improvements in three clinical areas: Gastroenterology, Trauma and Orthopaedics.

The findings from our work will form the basis of speciality-led programs delivering solutions to help care services in GGC to sustainably meet the challenges of the future.

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Impact & Value

  • Identify areas of challenge for each current clinical pathway;

  • Identify and develop potential solutions for each challenge;

  • Senior management commitment to deliver top improvements.

Our Approach

We carried out a series of interviews and three workshops in each clinical area to map the current clinical process pathway. Challenges, and ideas responding to these, were identified, scoped and prioritised.

Senior management representatives from GGC provided their commitment to delivering the top recommendations at the end of the process.

Recurring themes have emerged that include a desire to enhance the vetting of patient referrals, streamlining patient pathways across primary and secondary care and increasing patient self-guided management. The outputs from the series of workshops was significant and the first tranche of activities are already being taken forward.

Rachel Green

Chief of Medicine, Diagnostics Directorate

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