The DHI has delivered a range of decision support tools for Covid-19 at pace through its Right Decision Service platform.

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Development Included:

  • Seven mobile apps delivering Covid-19-related guidance and pathways to frontline practitioners in NHS Boards. These cover: management of Covid-19 in anaesthesia and ITU (3 apps), Covid-19 in paediatric care, obstetrics and gynaecology, and psychiatry; Board-wide Covid-19 guidance and pathways;

  • Three evidence-based decision support tools for early detection of deterioration, triage and appropriate escalation of Covid-19 cases in care homes – NEWS2 (National Early Warning Score); RESTORE2 (Recognise Early Soft Signs, Take Observations, Respond, Escalate), NaRT (Nursing and Residential Home Triage tool);

  • Initiated development of a decision support system to support frontline staff to implement Covid-19 guidance produced by SIGN - initially for Covid-19 assessment and prediction of progression in primary care, and for management of delirium. This is an especially significant product of the Right Decision Service, as it has national reach and impact in converting validated guidance into tools to supports frontline decision-making across Scotland;

  • Created a Covid-19 decision support area within the Right Decision Service, highlighting Covid-19-related guidance and evidence summaries, and enabling searching across these;

  • Strengthened Right Decision Service technology to enable easier embedding of decision support in external applications.

Take a look at the Right Decision Service website for more information.

This is amazing and just what we need – I think this could be one of the most important interventions made in this situation.

Consultant Anaesthetist

NHS Board

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