Next Generation Asthma Care aims to introduce a predictive and personalised care model, utilising next generation technology to track medication adherence and other contextual data, in order to inform preventative approaches to asthma care. We propose that a service model that utilises digital tools and services - such as smart asthma inhalers that communicate directly with the cloud - could reduce cost and improve accuracy of data. Our objective is to support our project partners, Asthma UK, to develop a vision for future digital asthma care. We will also create a health and care use case for next generation connectivity, that will evidence the benefits of such networking infrastructure, in order to attract inward investment.

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Impact & Value

  • A new service model for collaborative care;

  • Promoting a preventative approach of asthma care at scale;

  • Exploring ways to improve asthma control through co-management and the use of next generation technologies.

The big impact areas for asthma are compliance, adherence and medication concordance. How can we support people to responsibly manage their conditions?

Tom Fardon

Lead Clinician Scottish Government Respiratory Improvement Strategy

Progress to date

The DHI has written a joint position paper with Asthma UK, and produced a project report containing recommendations for a future vision of asthma care. Underpinning work to explore trusted data exchange and connectivity will be progressed by the DHI DSE in collaboration with Napier University. This future technical exploration is informed by participatory engagement with people with lived experience of asthma, and health professionals delivering asthma care. Head to Asthma Resources below to read our project findings.

Next Generation Asthma Care Resources

Next steps

The DHI is continuing to explore technical innovation, and engaging with a range of stakeholders in order to progress joint opportunities to innovate future digital asthma care. Join our Network to engage with us.

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