The North West Europe (NWE) CHANCE project, funded by Interreg Europe, is an Innovation Hub to support industry development of eHealth technologies by enabling knowledge exchange, collaborations, and Living Labs in the "Hospital at Home" domain. To date our focus area, along with our partners in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, has been on innovations to help treat heart failure patients. In the last year we have worked with partners to establish protocols, developments and a specification for the Innovation hub, led by DHI, that will enable global collaborations.

Digital Health Strathclyde

Impact & value

  • Support the development of new systems of care within the Innovation Hub by combining the forces of SMEs, hospitals and universities with state-of-the-art eHealth technologies;
  • Ensure sustainability through the co-creation of a business plan and roadmap for future care;
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration through the development of an online library and network of Living Labs, sharing this emerging knowledge with Hospital at Home services in Scotland.
To develop and validate eHealth applications for admitting patients at home is one thing. To stimulate sustainable future developments and validation of eHealth technologies for hospitalisation at home in North West Europe is another league. DHI has proven to be a valuable and trustworthy partner within a consortium that primarily consists of technology and health care partners. DHI provides the essential know how and expertise for developing our innovation hub.

Astrid van der Velde PhD

Project Leader, NWE. CHANCE

Progress to Date

In November 2019 DHI hosted the NWE CHANCE Mid Term Conference as part of the Digital Health and Care Fest. The event was attended by project partners from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and a guest speaker from Italy, and attracted 25 delegates from Scotland, giving them access to a new network of experienced clinicians, academics, and industry representatives working in Europe in the Hospital at Home domain.

Work on the Innovation Hub commenced in May 2020, and initial wireframes have been developed.

In the next year, the DHI will initiate a "Hospital at Home" project with NHS Lanarkshire, bringing into play the knowledge gained through this collaborative work.  

Next Steps

The prototype of the Innovation Hub staging site will be made available in September 2020, with a soft launch of the live site due early 2021. In the next 12 months the consortium will review the business case to draft the business model for the Hub.

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