The cluster:

  • Comprises representatives from Civic organisations, Academic institutions, Citizens, Commercial industry, Healthcare professionals/ Care providers and the Third sector
  • Ignites powerful collaborations of shared interest, aligning expertise and skills from policy, health and care providers, education, academic and industry partners to drive forward activity centred on a common purpose
  • Gathers and shares global and local insights, identify and develop innovative products and services while building knowledge to overcome key challenges for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Provides dedicated space and time for interaction with the local mental health ecosystems and knowledge exchange and attract a wide range of stakeholders from across different innovation communities
  • Connects people together and provide direct links to government policy and national implementation programmes to identify and develop technologies suitable for use across all areas of Scotland and when delivered at scale have a clear evidenced impact on mental health and wellbeing

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Featured resource

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI), in partnership with the Scottish Government's Digital Mental Health Programme, hosted its most recent Digital Mental Health Innovation Cluster Meeting on Tuesday 13 December 2022, 1300-1500 on Microsoft Teams.

This is the video recording of the session.


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