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🚨Calling all public sector organisations in Scotland🚨

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first Futurescot AI Challenge, in association with Scottish technology consultancy StormID.

This challenge competition is open to all public sector bodies in Scotland, from central and local government, to government agencies, NHS, police and any frontline public service looking to harness AI for the benefit of Scottish citizens.

With the hopes to help public sector organisations take their first steps in this exciting new world of artificial intelligence, exploring use cases and developing ‘proof of concepts’ for future potential adoption.

If you are interested in applying, please do visit

The cluster:

  • Comprises representatives from Civic organisations, Academic institutions, Citizens, Commercial industry, Healthcare professionals/ Care providers and the Third sector.
  • Ignites powerful collaborations of shared interest, aligning expertise and skills from policy, health and care providers, education, academic and industry partners to drive forward activity centred on a common purpose.
  • Gathers and shares global and local insights, identify and develop innovative products and services while building knowledge to overcome key challenges for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Provides dedicated space and time for interaction with the local mental health ecosystems and knowledge exchange and attract a wide range of stakeholders from across different innovation communities.
  • Connects people together and provide direct links to government policy and national implementation programmes to identify and develop technologies suitable for use across all areas of Scotland and when delivered at scale have a clear evidenced impact on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Supported by an Advisory Board whose members provide valuable insights into the clinical, academic, and business aspects of digital mental health. The advisory board attend bi-monthly meeting to offer well-informed advice to provide a focused scope to make effective change in digital mental health.

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Featured resource

The Digital Mental Health Innovation Cluster (DMHIC) recently hosted an online Question-and-Answer style event with Chris Wright, the National Advisor for Digital Mental Health, and Head of the Digital Mental Health programme, to answer questions focused on businesses developing services and how/what they need to have in place to provide and additionally what our services can provide in ways of support.

This is the video recording of the session:

Q&A session recording with Chris Wright


To support knowledge exchange we share all relevant DMHIC related assets and information with our network.


Joanne Boyle: DMHIC Strategic Lead

Anna Whyte: DMHIC Project Support

Advisory Board Members

Chris Wright: National Advisor for Digital Mental Health at the Scottish Government and Head of the Digital Mental Health Programme

Chris’ role in the team is to facilitate the ongoing management of the DMHIC, while overseeing the development of strategy, policy, service, and innovative technologies to be implemented across the NHS in Scotland.

Suzanne Graham: Programme Lead Innovation Collaboration, Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government

Suzanne’s role is to support the triple-helix approach of industry, academia and health and social care working together to develop innovative products and services that solve some of the real problems facing our health and care services. As part of her portfolio, Suzanne is the CSO lead for Mental Health innovation.

Fiona Duffy: Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Fiona's role is to act as a connect between clinicians and innovation, working together to support innovation within the south-east of Scotland. Additionally, Fiona is a clinical psychologist primarily focused in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

Donald MacIntyre: Consultant General Psychiatrist

Donald's role is to guide on the practicality of technological innovations to improve mental health care and treatment. Donald is an NHS consultant general psychiatrist, currently seconded to NHS 24 as Associate Medical Director, a post which he combines with clinical research.

Nagore Penades: Consultant Psychiatrist (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde)

Nagore's role in the team is to continue in the support as the Mental Health Innovation Lead at the West of Scotland Innovation Hub, NRS Senior Research Fellow and e-health Lead for Mental Health at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Andrew Gumley: Consultant clinical psychologist

Andrew Gumley is a professor of psychological therapy in the school of health and wellbeing at the Univeristy of Glasgow. One of Andrews main clinical interests are the development and evaluation of psychological and digital therapies.

Andrew Keen: Clinical Lead for Innovation (NHS Grampian)

Dr Andrew Keen is responsible for all strategic and operational innovation activity, which is increasingly focused on trying to solve major health and social care delivery challenges.

Emma Smith: Strategy Implementation and Development Manager for the Scottish Action for Mental Health (SAMH)

Emma’s role in the advisory board is to act as a connect between the third sector and innovation. Emma is skilled in all aspects of strategy implementation & development and business support including research, project management, event management and engagement.